Walking & Trekking



There are more walking options than ever before, from gentle rambles along leafy lanes to challenging walks through mountain terrain. You do not need to be super fit or an experienced walker.


Enjoy a single centre holiday or walk from place to place, as part of a guided group or be independent. Operators offer walking holidays, which range from basic, with simple accommodation, to those where excellent hotels, good food and wine are part of the experience.  All take you to, and through interesting and unspoilt corners of the world.


Walks are graded to your capabilities and Journeys experienced consultants will “guide” you to those most suitable.




Trekking holidays cover most areas of the world from the Himalayas to the Rocky Mountains.  Some treks are famous, others less visited.  The Inca Trail, Everest base camp and the summit of  Kilimanjaro are all classics, but why not venture to remote Jebel Sahro in Southern Morocco or the towering peaks of Patagonia.



Journeys à la Carte will have the walk or trek to suit you.